Daniel Goldstein to be featured artist for World AIDS Day at Miami International University of Art and Design


The exhibit will showcase unique works of art by San Francisco-based artist Daniel Goldstein, who was the featured artist at the 2010 International AIDS Conference in Vienna, Austria where his sculptures made up of everyday HIV-related objects were highlighted. His woodblock prints, collages and sculptures have been exhibited in leading galleries and museums throughout the world.

Finding spiritual power in unlikely artifacts

Entering a room devoted to artist Daniel Goldstein’s Icarian series, you’re surrounded by ghostlike images of human forms encased behind Plexiglas in wooden boxes reminiscent of reliquaries. Well-worn, yet mysteriously luminous, the human traces call to mind the Shroud of Turin — a comparison Goldstein has heard more times than he can count.

Daniel Goldstein: The presence of absence

The gym equipment was covered in leather. Years of human weight, sweat and repetitive friction had abraded and marked them. I was able to obtain many of these skins (as I took to calling them) after the machines had been replaced by newer, vinyl-covered models. The mysterious and often abstracted human forms that had been imprinted on the leather reminded me of medieval relics.

Daniel Goldstein “Medicine Man for South Africa” – Video Interview

Artist Daniel Goldstein and his team are interviewed about the making of “Medicine Man for South Africa”, a new suspended sculpture made of HIV/AIDS bottles, syringes and glass-beaded spindles representing various side-effects of the medications. Below the figure is a paper disk in which side-effects are written in colors corresponding to the spindles. These were created by brilliant S. African craftspeople who are part of the Umcebo Trust program. Visitors are encouraged to write about their own side-effects and experiences with HIV meds on this disk. This sculpture is included in the NOT ALONE exhibit which is a part of of MAKE ART STOP AIDS, an international traveling program/exhibition of artworks relating to global HIV/AIDS issues.

Wrestling with Veronica's Veil

"Good Friday" at MOCRA

The artwork by Goldstein similarly shows the struggles played out by the human body for the sake of becoming more godlike, at least by contemporary society’s standards. The work is composed of a leather covering for a workout bench, the brand name Icarian. The covering was salvaged from a gym in San Francisco’s Castro neighborhood at a pivotal time during the AIDS epidemic.